Слова песни Rickie Jacobs - Memoirs of HER

Исполнитель: Rickie Jacobs
Название песни: Memoirs of HER
Текст добавил: Rickie Jacobs
Текст просмотрели: 4 раз

Текст песни Rickie Jacobs - Memoirs of HER

I love you!
G, I said it!
Fuck, I said it!

Uh, see I just want her to maintain
Cause nobody's perfect, nobody's perfect, the same thing!
If you're getting money, baby, you're working
You know what you want!
Why do the single bitches still searching?
You be surprised what bitches do behind the curtains!
You're in the club like nigga, your daddy taught me
I'm with the bitch itself, you wanna be Mahatma Ghandi
But if I go to Heaven, I hope that God doesn't charge me
A couple of steps cause I'm evil, without a reason, I'm sorry!
It's true, and I'm a sinner, my niggas is trying to hit it
But with my past… it's hard to stay on my pimping.
I never told the lies, so if I said it, I did it
If I hit it, I'm done, in a second I'mma forget it!
No greater feeling than being loved by your woman
A million better than trying to keep it 100
All I do is give, call me Santa Clause!
I really, really wanna take 'em panties off!
Look, everybody gotta sin sometimes
Uh, even the reason gotta win sometimes
Yeah, took her virginity when I was 21
Uh, the … yeah, I want some!
Uh, all I was thinking is I want them honey buns
But she cheating on me with a nigga from the slums!
Vagina ain't the point, thinking this world that will push me
And I ain't got to prove that I'm real when people looking.
.. that I saw you I could supply you, cause I was hooked in
I miss the kisses you give me every night, she was cooking!
Yeah, I swear to God I would die for it
Few beefs I'm happy, I got the drive for it
At this point I'm really tired of the mind voice
Ain't do my business alone, brothers for mine yors
Yeah, for mine yours

I'm saying.. beautiful baby, you ain't the usual
I'm saying you could pass the .. like we used to do
Anything that your heart is set on, I do for you
Can't imagine me losing you
Eyes brown like Scooby Doo.
My childhood is always been in the back of me
Never knew it was happening
When I'm down, I snap on beats.
…momma, let's do it!
Everything that I do is straight from the heart
I'm always on my toes, I love that you play your part
My queen so witty and pretty, I love her…
The girl of my dreams, your body is a work of art
A perfect piece to the puzzle, nobody can take a part
Nobody can take a part, nobody can take a part
A perfect piece to the puzzle, nobody can take a part
Nobody can take a part, nobody can take a part
Uh, that's…
It's real shit! I wait in line!
Smoke sign, yeah!

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